Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Learn The Process Of Transcribing Audio Files To Text

Don’t think that this work of transcribing is useful for journalists, and authors only, even normal people and students may need this tool for making their daily tasks simple and hassle-free. Like students can get their teacher’s lecture converted into an audio file. You can get the lyrics of the song from the audio file to a text file.

Transcribing Audio Files To Text

So, here we are going to let you know the simple and pretty easy process of transcribing. So, here we go

  • While there are many tools that help us in the process available in the online market, oTranscribe is one of the really helpful and simple to use web tools that you can make use of for this purpose and make your task simple
  • So, basically, first, you need to head towards the home page of the free and open source app oTranscribe
  • And in the home page of the application, you will find an option Start Transcribing in blue color, just click on it
  • Then click on the Choose audio or video file option to upload the file that you wish to use in this transcribing process and convert into a text file
  • And the nice thing is the web app even supports transcription of YouTube videos
  • Then you will find the file displayed as a play head with rewind, play, and forward options. They even have keyboard shortcuts
  • And below that, you will find the word processor box that lets you enter the text and you will also be allowed to do text formattings
  • You can type as you adjust the speed of the player according to your choice

Transcribe when you need using this wonderful web tool and make your life better with this easy and simple process. It is now time to bookmark this awesome open source web tool.

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Google Files Get Safe Folder For Hiding Files In Latest Version

 Google developed a ‘Safe Folder’ for its Files app. This feature surprisingly got removed from the application with a warning message that states Safe Folder is no longer supported by this application. Now the software giant has re-enabled this Safe Folder feature with its latest beta version.

Safe Folder feature allows the users to hide sensitive, private photos or videos. If you feel, you have some private pictures that need to be hidden from the prying eyes, then you can protect the hidden files with a 4-digit PIN.

You will find the Safe Folder option in the Collections section of the app. To get started, tap on Safe Folder and set a 4-digit PIN code. You can now see a ‘Move to Safe folder’ option whenever you long-press a file and access the overflow menu.

If you are done with moving the confidential files to the Safe Folder, you can access them anytime by coming back to Collections -> Safe Folder. Also, the app will restore the files to their original location if you decide to move your files out of Safe Folder.


How To Get A Message Displayed During Windows Startup

Earlier we have learned about the process of setting up for getting a custom audio message on Windows startup, but today in this piece of article, let us go through the process of setting up in order to get a text message displayed on the screen during the startup of your PC.

If you use a company-owned PC, you may have seen a legal notice displayed before you sign in to Windows. Here’s how you can do the same thing on your own PC and display a message with any text you want.

How To Display A Message On Windows Startup

  • First, you need to open the Registry editor, you can do this by typing ‘regedit’ in the search
  • Open the Registry editor you find in the search results and there choose Grant permissions options
  • Now using the bar on the left side of the window navigate to
  • You can find two values named ‘legalnoticecaption’ and ‘legalnoticetext’ on the right side pane of the window.
  • Double click on the legalnoticecaption option
  • Now in the Value data field of the opened window, just enter the text that would like to see on the screen while your Windows startup and click on Ok.
  • Legalnoticetext value is the actual text field which is placed below the legalnoticecaption field which is the title. But, in this case, the title itself is a message. So you can leave it blank or you can even fill them both with the title and text if you want
  • Now just close everything and return to the desktop. Then restart your computer to witness the message that you have set up before displayed on the screen. You can change or remove the message from the Registry editor if you wish to.

That is it, just try these simple steps and get the message you want to be displayed on your screen.


Unknown Features Of Windows File Explorer That You Must Know

Windows File Explorer is capable of many other actions that you just don’t know. There are quite a few hidden settings in the File Explorer that you haven’t discovered yet. But this article is here for you to help discover those hidden things.

But first, get to know these shortcuts for Windows File explorer that will fasten your workflow.

  • Open the Windows Explorer Window using the short cut keys – Windows key + E
  • For switching to the parent folder in that hierarchy the keyboard shortcut is – Alt + Up arrow key
  • For toggling the preview pane – Alt + P
  • For opening the properties of the selected subject – Alt + Enter
  • For renaming the selected file – F2
  • For deleting the selection completely and directly without moving it to the Recycle Bin – Shift + Delete key

Open an ISO file:

In the previous versions of Windows, one needs to use third party applications for accessing the ISO formatted files, but with Windows 8 and the higher versions of Windows, the Windows explorer itself has got the ability to open the ISO files. All you have to do is when you have an ISO file in your PC, just right-click it in the Windows Explorer and then click on Mount.

Moving Files:

Unlike just moving files from location to location that you know, this is something new, that you can actually move files via the address bar. That is you can move files from the child folder to the parent folder just by dragging the selected files to the parent folder name in the address bar. That’s it just try this next time instead of the regular cut, copy and paste.

Send files to secret locations:

While pressing on the Shift key select the file or folder that you wish to send and on its context menu, navigate to the send to option where it will show the extra options to send the file or the folder where you don’t find them while you press send without selecting the file using Shift button.

These are a few unknown features of the Windows File Explorerthat will help you to become a Windows Explorer power user.

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Chrome Extension For Searching YouTube Content

YouTube, the source for entertainments for many of us these days as it can be accessed from across various devices. It even has lots of interesting stuff in it. YouTube not only has entertaining stuff, there are tonnes of educative and knowledge gaining stuff but it all depends on how you see it and use it.

Chrome Extension For Better YouTube Search

But sometimes searching for the video on a certain topic that are wishing to know or else switching to the particular part of a video can be a tiresome task, but this task will be going to be a really simple and easy one with the help of a simple Chrome extension and that is the Invideo for YouTube , you can get this application from Google’s Chrome web store for free, you can get this extension for free.

This wonderful extension actually helps you to save a lot of your time. It enables you to search for the YouTube content pretty easily. You can search for the videos by using the keywords that have been used in the video. Once you download and install the Chrome extension on your browser, you are all set to use it. And after you will start to see an Open Invideo button added next to the YouTubevideo title. You can just click on that button and it will get activated.

And this tool will allow you to perform two handy actions. This tool not only allows you to search for the videos using keywords. But you can even also suggest keywords for the videos that you are watching. The extension will by default display the transcriptions for the video. But at the same time, you will also be provided with an option to switch the languages as per your choice and wish. So, do get this handy Chrome extension and make life easier.

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Find The Devices Connected To Your WiFi Using A Smartphone

The internet has become a part of our lives all these days with the increased usage of smartphones from the past few years. But having a WiFi network in your home or office place definitely requires some care and maintenance. You should be aware of the devices connected to your network and that process should be easy and doesn’t want you to log in to the main computer every time you wish to do that.

There are actually some Android applications that can help you with this task. Using them you can check the number of connected devices right from your Android smartphone. Let us now check a few such applications.

Apps To Find Devices Connected To WiFi

Fing – Network Tools

This app is available to download for free in the Google Play store. Simply download and install the application and launch it. And remember you should be connected to the WiFi network which you would like to scan for the connected devices. Now scan for the devices connected. It will then show you the list of devices that are being connected to the same network and you can know the details by tapping on each device from the list. You can even check the Mac address of the device which you can use for blocking it on your router. Fing – Network Tools can thus be a great choice for you.

WiFi Inspector:

You can simply download and install the app WiFi Inspector from the Android play store. It will show you the network, just tap on Inspect network option. It will scan and show you the entire list of devices that are connected to the network.


Just like the previous two applications, you can simply download and install the application from the Google Play store. Then just launch it. Make sure you are connected to the network, which you would like to check the connected devices. It will show you a message saying that your device is not rooted, just tap Ok. Now under the Options tab, just enable Fast Scan  Now tap the refresh icon on the home page, then you can see the list of devices that are connected to your network.

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Check This Chat Application That Makes Your Phone Die

What will you usually be doing when your device is on low battery. If I am at a place where I can plug my device, then I will immediately plug in the charger, or if I am away from home and don’t have access to the plug, then I will try to preserve it as long as I can until I plug in it. This might be the common thing that every one of us will be doing maybe with a bit of difference. But a new chat application in the Android play store is doing rounds and is on the way of creating another trend. So, we decided to introduce you to this application.

Die With Me – Chat Application

So, Die with me is the application that we are talking about. This application will be accessible only when your phone is below 5% of the battery. And after you just download and install the application on your Android device, you need to just finish the sign-up process where you have to give your anonymous identity with a duplicate name or you can also choose to give your original name if you wish. You can chat with completed strangers with the help of this application after you are done setting up. And yeah another important requirement to access this application is that your device must be on a low battery that is below 5 percent.

And the interesting and awkward thing about the application is that everyone if the chat room is having their phones on a low battery if your phone battery finishes, your phone will die and you will disappear from the chat, how strange and the different thing is this to happen while you are chatting with someone. Right!!!


How To Save Screenshots To Dropbox Directly

Dropbox is one of the popular and easy to use file sharing and file saving tools that are available for free. Besides Google Drive and One Drive, this sharing and online data saving tool is also equally popular. It is widely used by people.

If you are using a Windows PC and take screenshots, and work with screenshots a lot, then this tip and simple trick that we are going to tell will be very helpful to you.

This actually is a setting that is available with the Dropboxapplication by default. You don’t have to install any other third-party tools or applications for this purpose.

Come out of the hassles of uploading the screenshots that you take on your PC if you ever wish to share them with your near and dear ones, you just set this thing up and you are all done.

For this purpose, you must be having the Dropbox app installed on your device. Having this application installed on your device is a must needed thing that you need to follow for sure.

If you have the application installed on your device already, then just open the application and click on the gear icon and then from the menu select Preferences. Click on Import option there. Then make sure the checkbox next to the option share screenshots using Dropbox is checked.

Or if you just installed it and would like to get this feature, then when you capture a screenshot. You will notice an on-screen prompt window asking you whether you wish to upload your future screenshots or not. Choose to save screenshots option. That is it,  you are done with the setup.

Enjoy this auto-upload feature and synchronize them across devices and even share them with your dear ones and family members when you have got something to share.


How To Encrypt And Decrypt Files On Android In Simple Steps

We all know the fact that all our personal data is openly saved in our file explorer. But what else can we do? Many of us find it comfortable and convenient. But what about security and privacy? For all those people who feel concerned about their data, here are some of the simple steps that the users can follow to encrypt and decrypt files. Follow the steps below.

Here Is How You Can Encrypt And Decrypt Files

  • As a first step, you first need to get the application Andrognito 2downloaded and installed on your device
  • Then when you launch the application, it will ask you for a few details where you need to enter your name, pin, then click on the arrow
  • Then in the next screen confirm the pin to proceed
  • Next screen shows you the boxes regarding the security question, just fill them up
  • Next page will be about creating a vault for quick access
  • After creating the vault, you will then be taken to the home screen of the app
  • Here you can browse the files that you have on your Android device and add them here in the newly created vault
  • Just select all the files you wish to add to the vault and after adding them all, just tap on the icon on the top right of the screen to encrypt the files

You are now done with the encryption on files, here is how you can decrypt files.

  • Open the application Andrognito 2, now you need to enter the four-digit pin that you have set up
  • Then it will display all the encrypted files that you have encrypted earlier, just select the required files and then tap on the icon on the top right of the screen

That is it. These are the simple steps to encrypt and decrypt files on your Android devices.