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How To Schedule The Recycle Bin To Automatically Empty Its Contents

Very few people know that deleting the files from the computer will not save the disk space as they will be sent to the Recycle bin. Emptying the items from the bin will add back the preoccupied space on your PC. Deleting the files directly without making them go into the trash bin is actually another way to skip the process of emptying the bin. But doing that is not advised sometimes as we may need that file and we may change our mind to get it back. And if you are also one among the many people who use recycle bin a lot and forget to empty it at times resulting in a filled disk space, then you should need to schedule to automatically delete the contents of your bin.

Empty the Recycle Bin Using Schedule

  • First of all, you need to open the Task Scheduler. You can do this by pressing Windows + X key, select the Control Panel from the pop-up menu, now go to System and Security, and then to Administrative Tools, finally click Task Scheduler to open the window
  • Now right click on the Task Scheduler Library on the left side pane of the window and click on the New Folder option from the drop-down menu
  • Name the folder as My Tasks
  • Now right click the newly created folder and just select the Create Task option
  • A window will be opened now, go to General Tab and now name this task, in our case, it is Auto-Empty Recycle bin. 
  • Then go to the Triggers tab, click on the New option to create an action
  • Here in the window, you can set the schedule as you like, you set the task to trigger weekly, monthly or on a particular date and time
  • Now go to Actions tab and click on New
  • Under the Programs/script box enter cmd.exe and click on Ok
That is it, you are all done with setting up.

The Programs That Slow Down Your Windows 10 Boot Process

If you have been facing some issue with the boot process of your Windows 10 device and thinking of finding a solution for it. Then don’t think much and don’t go so far. It is, in fact, some kind of programs that make the process of booting up your PC slow.  So, here we present you with some of the applications that are major kind of slow downers to help you out. You can consider these and stop using them to better your boot up.

Programs That Are The Culprits Of Slow Boot Process:

Gaming Clients

If you are using gaming clients like Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy in your Windows 10 PC, then you must know that these are one of the programs that are slowing down the process of booting in your PC. They actually run and start during the windows startup as it will help you to update the games in the background without actually waiting. Unless you are a hardcore gamer and would like to play games all the time, you don’t need to allow these programs. Disable them and see better and improved booting.

Adobe Programs

It is another bloated and unwanted program that asks the permission to run from the startup. So, consider using its alternatives or at least stop the Adobe programsfrom running in the startup.

Cloud Storage

Other most commonly considered culprits of this slowed down Windows 10 PC include the cloud storage applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. They automatically synchronize the files during the startup and that is the reason they ask permission to run during the startup. But it is advised to do the sync thing whenever you need and disable these from running in the startup. This will also improve the boot process.

Chat Applications

Yes, you may not have an idea how destructive the chat applications are for the boot process of your device. Especially Skype is one of the big culprits, so it is better to disable the program from the startup.
Do try these simple things and you will definitely find an improved boot.

How To Transfer Contacts Between Android Devices Without Gmail Sync

With the evolution of Android smartphones, we have been so much addicted to the mobile devices that we keep on looking to new devices with new features and keep changing them for at least every two years. If you are one such an Android device fanatic, then you must be regularly be changing your smartphone. Changing your device needs quite a lot of work after as you need to transfer all your data from the previous device to the new one. The contacts especially are the main one and you need to transfer contacts as well.
If we save the contacts in SIM or memory card, then it will be easy for you for doing the copy process. But if you have contacts saved on your device and don’t have Gmail sync, then don’t be worried about how to transfer contacts, here are the simple steps, go ahead and follow.

Transfer Contacts Between Android Devices:

You need to get the application downloaded on your device. The app is called MC Backup. Get it from here.
After downloading and installing the application on your device, just launch it and hit the backup option, and the app will start the backup process where all your contacts will be backed up.
After the backup is done, you will find a backup contact file in your file manager.     
You can transfer it to your memory card and you can either insert this memory card on your new device or just send it via Bluetooth or other means to the new device in which you would like to have the contacts.
All you have to do in the new device is just simply tap on the contact file and it will start copying the contacts to your device.
MC Backup is such a simple application where all your contacts can be transferred without Gmail Sync.

How To Send Any Link From Your PC To Mobile Phone Using Chrome

Browsing the internet will be a regular task for many of us, we can say. But this task is mostly done in computers rather than on mobile phones. What if we found an interesting piece of an article or something interesting while we browsing in our PC? We will find ways to share it on our mobile phone. Right!! How do you send any link from your PC to your mobile phone?
What I personally do is sometimes I share it using FB messenger. I share to myself. Sometimes I share in Telegram. Sometimes I save the link in Google Keep notes and then open the link on a mobile phone.
Don’t you think it is something that takes and needs some effort? Yes. Right! There is actually a better and simple way to make the process easier. Do check it out.

Steps To Send Any Link From PC To Mobile

  • To begin with the process, you need to open the Google Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags in the address bar and then press enter.
  • Type “Send tab to self” in the search bar of Chrome flags and select Enabled from the drop-down menu or paste the following in the address bar of Chrome. Or just click on this link chrome://flags/#enable-send-tab-to-self
  • Now you are done with the setup, just simply relaunch the browser and you will find a “Send to *device name*” option whenever you right-click a tab or link. If you have logged in your Google Account on multiple devices, choose the device you like to send the link.
So, these are the simple steps that are involved in the process of sharing a link in your PC directly to your mobile phone. We hope you find this process helpful and try to make use of it every day.

Monitor Your Window’s 10 Device’s Battery Health With Battery Report

Your laptop battery can easily lose capacity over time, so it’s important that you frequently check its health. Checking the battery health is relatively simple, and you can do that right from Windows 10. So, here we present you the process of generating the battery report for your laptop without the help of any third-party applications.

Steps For Generating A Battery Report in Windows 10

  • You can easily generate a battery report by running the powercfg /batteryreport command. Press Windows key + X, click Command Prompt (Admin), type powercfg /batteryreport at the command prompt then hit the Enter key. The report will be saved under C:\Windows\System32 as battery-report.
The report provides details about your battery including the name, manufacturer, serial number, chemistry, and cycle count. You can also view a usage report over a period of time. A battery report is a useful tool for investigating poor battery performance. If your battery is defective, your battery report will help you prove it when processing a warranty claim. There are also other causes for poor battery performance that are worth investigating.
The report will give you more information about the batteries in your system, as well as how they’ve been used over time. Perhaps of most usefulness to most people is the battery life estimates–how long you can expect your battery to last based on actual usage–and how it’s changed since you first installed the OS. It’s more accurate and precise than relying on the battery icon in your taskbar. Other report sections such as Usage history and battery capacity can help you check your laptop battery’s health. To get many more details about your battery than you from the battery icon in the taskbar, remember this hidden trick.
Battery Details In Settings
With Windows 10, Microsoft lets you check out more battery details than you’d normally get in the previous iterations of Windows. To check battery details, you can head to Windows Settings->System->Battery. Here, you will see the current battery percentage along with the estimated time remaining. You also get the options to choose when you want the Battery Saver to be turned on or you can even turn it on for now.
Thus, you can keep an eye on your device’s battery.

How To Legally Download Paid Apps And Games For Free

If you ask Android device users why they love their devices and the OS, one obvious answer you will get is the truckloads of apps! Google Play and other third-party app stores are replete with millions of apps covering niches like entertainment, finance, telephony, office productivity and much more.
While the Play Store has plenty of free apps there are some stellar apps that may cost a significant amount. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get those paid Android apps for free? It sounds rather incredible, but there are means to get some of your favorite apps for free. What’s even better about it is you don’t have to resort to nefarious means to get them.

Amazon App Store

While a majority of Android users stick to Google Play for whatever apps they want, Amazon is trying its best to woo users. Now, you can get one paid app for free every day. To get an automated notification on this app, use a notification app such as Amazon App store.


9Apps is the world’s largest third-party Android app store and mobile applications distribution platform, with current daily app downloads of up to 26 million. Here you can find mostly all the apps for free. It is one of the best alternates of Google play store.


This is another platform which is made for Android users which supply various apps. The app is not much properly coded that’s why users might find it lit a bit difficult to use. However, it never fails to provide free apps. GetApk makes it easy to find newly added apps.


1Mobile is a quality platform made for global Android users supplying various apps and safe downloads. The aim of the website is to give every Android user free, fast and reliable downloading.
So, check these things out and stop buying and start downloading.

Remotely Troubleshoot A Friend’s Windows PC Without Any Software

If you ever found out that your friend or your near and dear family members are deeply in need of some technical advice, you make many attempts to help them in resolving their problem and for giving them that technical assistance you must have tried a lot of options like using a third party software, assisting them over the phone call, assisting them over a video call. But have you ever thought there is a very simple and easy way using which you can technically assist your dear family or friends in the process to troubleshoot their device and that too without having to install any kind of software and tools? Yes, you read it right. Check out the process below

Steps To Troubleshoot Windows 10 PC Without Any Software

  • Quick Assist is an application available as an inbuilt feature in Windows 10This app helps in creating a virtual or network connection between the two devices and both the devices must be running on Windows 10 only
  • You can the Quick Assist app under Windows Accessories in the Start menu. When you find it, just launch it
  • Now in the pop up that appears, just check the option ‘give assistance’and then you will get a unique code displayed on your screen which will expire in a few minutes
  • You need to note that code and send it to your friend or family member on the other side
  • When the person on the other side provide this unique code in his/her app, then the connection between the two devices will be created
This will allow the user on one side to remotely operate the computer of the person on the other side. Thus you can Troubleshoot in Windows 10 using these really simple to follow steps.
Enjoy the fee you will be getting in assisting someone you care for even when you are away from them.

Check Some Best Websites On The Internet For Fact Checking

Fact Checking!!! Is it really needed – you may think.
The internet has changed many of our lives wholly and completely and it has also made distances very small. That nowadays we are able to make calls and get in touch with all our loved and dear ones no matter how far they are from us. And when we discuss the main purpose of the internet which is spreading knowledge and providing information, then we should think a bit.
The freedom is given to the users of the internet that anyone and everyone can post, add or edit the information. And also the rise of the social media also had raised many important issues, but at the same time, it has also done some serious damage. People have lost their common sense and share everything without even knowing about the correctness of the content.
This is making way for spam and fake messages which can be put to an end if you go through some fact checking. So, here are a few websites that we are listing here that you can use for fact checking before you believe and spread that thing.

Websites For Fact Checking


This is an incredible website that gives the users with the detailed and reasonable information about the spam and fake news, posts. It debunks the viral rumors on the internet, fake and false news, etc. This website was started in 2003 as a part of the Yahoo Group and came into existence the later year. Hoax-Slayer aims to make the internet a better and a safe place by combating spam and educating the internet users.


This is one of the oldest websites that debunks the hoaxes. It always lists the sources that can help in validating or debunking a particular post. It will list some link at the end of each and every article, which you can use to know the accuracy of that particular post or news. Snopes can thus be a great option for you to fact check before you spread it to someone else.

Fact Checking: 

This is another most reputed fact checking website. And this website very much geared towards US politics and those who would like to know or fact check regarding a certain news regarding the US politics can use this website. And the section Viral Spiral can be used for Fact checking the various viral rumors on the internet.

Essential Tools That You Might Need To Work Offline

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives that we just cannot imagine our lives without internet. Have you ever imagined your day without internet? But you have to believe us if we say you can get many of your works done even without internet and there are some of the essential tools that can help you in going on with your work offline. 

Tools To Help You To Work Offline

Read It Later Tool

Collection of information will be done from various sources on the internet, but what happens to that when we are offline. Don’t worry there are different ways for you to get information or save information offline. There are many tools that can help you with this task of saving content offline.
PocketInstapaper are certain apps that can help you in saving the content offline and get access to those web pages, or articles even without internet. Evernote Web Clipper is also another interesting tool that lets you save content offline. These tools let you bookmark various web pages, articles from various websites to access them at a later time when you have no access to the internet.

Email Client

Handling emails is one of the important things in everyone’s day. You can do this task of checking emails without internet as well using this email clientGmail Offline is one such a web-based chrome extension that can help you with this task.

Note-Taking Tool

A simple snippet editor or a complex word processor, you will definitely need a text editor or a note taking tool to make things better offline. Evernote, Notepad, OneNote can be great offline tools that can help you with this note-taking task.

Office Suite

Microsoft Office is definitely the most popular office suites available in the market that rocks with its features. You can get your various jobs done with the word processor tool.    

Screen Capture Tool

This is another most required tool to make your tasks simple when you work offline. You will be getting the built-in snippet editor in Windows. If you are not ok with it, you can also go with some other available options like MonosnapJing.
We hope getting equipped with these tools will make your more productive even when you are offline.

How To Share Or Bookmark A Specific Part Of A YouTube Video

YouTube has a huge collection of some very interesting and useful videos, and sometimes we may find some videos interesting and wish to share them with our near and dear ones. There are a lot of tools for saving, sharing videos from the most popular video sharing website. But what if we liked only a certain part of the video and the rest is just doesn’t worth sharing it, we cannot waste our time just to download it, cut or trim it using a video editor and then share it, it takes a lot of our time. But don’t worry, there is another simple process using which we can simply share and bookmark the specific part of the video.

Learn How To Share A Specific Part Of A YouTube Video

• You should enable a Chrome extension called YouTube Bookmarker and it enables you to just create multiple bookmarks in a single video
• Just go to Chrome web store and search for it
• Download it and enable it
• Now when you open the video in the website you will see a bookmark option below the video, just click on it and you will see a window open to the right of the video, just set the timings there and give it a name and click on save and if you want to share a specific part of the video, then follow these steps
• First, you need to copy the string of numbers and letters you find after ‘watch?v=’ in the URL of the video you would like to share
Example:, just copy the highlighted part
• Now you need to incorporate that thing in this new embed URL
• Every sharing URL consists this common part
• After that comes the copied part of the video you would like to share
• Then comes a ‘?’ followed by ‘start=specific time&end-specific time’
After you are done with creating the URL just share it with the ones you want, you may find this process a little critical, but you can give it a try if you think the certain part of the video is worth sharing. You will get used to it with time.

How To Take DSLR Like Lens Blur Photos With Android Camera

Who doesn’t wish to add the DSLR kind of touch to the photos clicked with the smartphone camera and you don’t have to bother a lot to do this and there are a few applications on the Android play store that makes the process a pretty simple and easy one. So, here is how you can capture the DSLR like lens blur photos on your Android camera.

Using Google Camera

Google Camera application is now available all the Android devices, so get it downloaded and installed on your device from here.
Once done with the installation, just launch the application and as it asks for permission, just grant it and click on next to continue.
Now swipe left to find some options and you will find the lens blur option there. Tap on it and it will give you a tutorial which gives you the basic understanding of capturing the lens blur photos using your Android phone’s camera.
After you are done with the tutorial, you can just click on the next option and then you will be directed to the Camera. Position the camera towards the object and slowly raise your device keeping your object in the centre.
This act will create a blurred background and you can refocus if you wish.

Using AutoFocus

Get the AutoFocus application downloaded and installed on your device from the Google play store.
Then launch the application and select your default camera. This application allows you to convert already created photos into lens blur or you can also click new lens blur pictures with this application with the help of the smart focus option.
You just need to draw over the area that you would like to keep the focus on. Then you need to choose the soft focus option and select the area that you wish to apply the soft blur.
Now select the hard blur option and select the area to which you wish to add this hard blur effect.
Then click on next and select your blur effect and save the image and you are done.
Using these simple applications you can create DSLR kind of lens blur photos with the smartphone camera. So, just give them a try.

Best Google Playstore Tricks That You Should Know

Google playstore, our Android device is nothing without this application. This is not an exaggerative sentence but a true one. We may find nothing to do on our phone if it doesn’t have a Google playstore which gives us access to millions of applications that help us in various different ways. Everyone who has a phone uses the Android playstore, but everyone knows the amazing tricks. So, here we present you to some of the amazing, useful Google playstore tricks. Check them out.

Amazing Google Playstore Tricks

Install An App Not Available In Your Country

We all might be aware of the thing that many applications that are in the Google playstore are not made available in our country. We may go and try many ways to get them downloaded and installed on our device. Here is another simple and quick solution for this problem. It is by using the VPN, download any VPN of your choice like Tunnebear, Shellfire and enable it, then you should be able to download and install the application you want from the Google playstore.

Parental Controls

This is another one of the most useful Google playstore tricks. If you are one such a very much concerned parent, then how can miss out this trick? For enabling the parental lock, you need to open the Google playstore app, and then tap on the menu and then click on the settings. Now select parental controls, then enable it and apply the PIN and also set the restrictions as you want. The setup is now done and you need to enter the PIN each and every time you wish to download the application.

Device Manager

The Google device manager is another cool and interesting way to find your lost device. All you need to do is just go to the Google device manager link and then login using your Google ID to track the location of your device.

Install Apps From Your Computer

Yes, this is probably the lesser known trick about the Google playstore but in fact a really interesting and useful one. All you need to do is just browse to the Google playstore web page on your device. Then browse through the playstore and then select the application that you wish to download, then tap on the install option available. Then finally you need to choose the device and click on the install button.
We hope and wish you make better use of these tricks.

Here Is How You Can View Saved Passwords In Your Android Device

We might be using save password option quite many times and we use it for saving our various passwords. And it is normal and usual that we forget our passwords and what if we haven’t got them written or saved anywhere, don’t worry if you are stuck in such kind of a situation and for this you will have to have an Android device in which you have that password saved and you can view the saved passwords and make a note of them for logging with the password from somewhere else.
WiFi has become our main source of internet these days and wherever we go we get WiFi, but it cannot be easy to remember all those different passwords and what if we don’t have the passwords noted down somewhere, don’t worry, as today’s article will let you learn how to view the passwords that you saved on your device.
There are different procedures for rooted and unrooted android devices, so keeping in mind the most number of users who might be using unrooted devices, here we are presenting you the process of viewing the WiFi passwords that were saved on your unrooted device.

View Saved Passwords Of WiFi 

  • For taking a look at the saved passwords from a rooted device, you will be needing a file manager
  • The file manager that you are using should give you access to the root folders. So choose root explorer or some other application like it
  • Now navigate to data/misc/wifi in the file explorer and look out for a file with the name wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • Then open the file with the inbuilt text or HTML viewer
  • Now here you will get to see the different networks and their respective passwords that you can take a note of for referring in future
You can try the process using other file managers like ES Explorer also, so give it a try.

How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files In Your Android

One of the many problems that the Android users face is that their devices sometimes will be filled with duplicate files which further makes their devices run really slow. This is something really annoying. Why stay calm when the duplicate files are making your device run slow. The better one can do is removing those files and make their device run smooth. But this thing is not any easy and it is impossible if one needs to go through all the files manually, but there is an application that helps you with this meticulous task. So, just follow the steps below.

Delete Duplicate Files With The App “Duplicate Media Remover”

  • First of all, you need to get the Android app Duplicate Media Removerdownloaded and installed on your device
  • Then once the application is installed, just launch the application
  • Then it will ask you to choose the folders. Choose the particular folders that you wish to let the app scan for the duplicate files
  • Now you need to wait for a few seconds until it finishes the scanning
  • After the scan gets finished, it will display you all the scanned files
  • Then you can just click on the show duplicate files option after which you will be listed with the duplicate media files
  • Then you can simply choose and select the files and delete them if you wish
This is such a really simple and cool way using an Android app to get rid of the duplicate media files on your Android. We hope you make use of this application and get rid of the all the duplicated stuff on your device and make it work smooth, quick and fast without the delay that is being caused by the duplicate media files that eat away the storage in your device.

Check Out The Steps To Protect External Drives With A Password

Compact media storage devices like the memory cards, pen drives, hard drives have become a part of our lives and daily tasks all these days. But many of us feel concerned about the safety of the sensitive data that we store in our media storage devices. The simplest and easiest solution for that is protecting your storage device with a password. This process will not only help you encrypt your drives but also protect your data from being used by any person who is unauthorized. So, learn how to protect external drives.

Steps Involved To Protect External Drives

So, today we are going to let you know the process for protecting your USB Pendrive using BitLocker which is available by default in Windows OS, follow the steps below
  • As a first step, you need to insert the USB drive into your Windows PC
  • Then right click on the drive and select turn on BitLocker option available in the pop-up menu
  • Then you will see a Window open, check the Use password to protect the drive option, and then enter the password that you wish to set as a security code for your drive twice in the two boxes there
  • Click on Next and then choose the option to save to Microsoft Account, or you can also choose print the recovery key option if you have a printer connected to your PC
  • This will start the encryption process and your drive will be secured with the password that you have set
You can thus protect your media storage devices securely without the need for any third party applications and softwares by following these simple steps in no time. So give this thing a try and you will definitely start feeling protected.
Don’t take risks, protect external drives and stay safe and secure!!!!

How To Increase Data Transfer Speed In Pendrive

The pendrives are one of the most common devices that many of us might be depending on for saving, securing, sharing our data. But sometimes the data transfer speed of your Android devices can be quite frustrating. The slow data transferring process can be very much annoying. If you are stuck with one such a kind of situation and obliged about how to get out of it, then you can do that by following some of the simple steps below which can help you in increasing the speed of your pendrive.

Steps To Increase Your Pendrive’s Data Transfer Speed

The File System

The file system in your pendrive is the first thing that is considered as responsible for the allocation of memory for the data in the pendrive. So, always consider formatting the pendrive or any data storage device before transferring your data into them.

Hardware Settings

Sometimes the device policies are even set at such a lower performance rate that makes the data transfer speed bad. So, you need to just alter a few settings in the device’s hardware settings by heading to the policy tab. This step can even better your device performance.

Computer Performance

Before blaming your pendrive as a whole, you should also take a chance to check the performance of your computer and check whether there is any fault with it. If you have found that it is slow, then find ways to better its performance.

Check For Errors

Check for any kind of possible errors with your pendrive. You can also choose to fix the errors automatically. You need to head to the properties section of the pendrive, then click on the tools tab. Then under the error checking section, you need to just click on the ‘check now’ option where it will then just do an attempt to check the errors and fix them.


You can also make use of some programs like Teracopy which lets you do this process of data transfer smooth. It is one of the best tools that can help you in boosting the data transfer speed between your devices.
We hope these tips helped you in reducing the data transfer speed across your device.

How To Hide Root Access From Apps In Android Device

The Android operating system is an open source and the users can’t brag enough about it. It allows the users to use third-party applications, modify the OS as per their desires and likes. It also allows users to root their devices which allows them to modify system files as they are given administrative rights. Rooting an Android phone doesn’t actually need any deep-rooted knowledge but can be done by anyone with minimum knowledge and one needs to be definitely cautious while rooting as it may lead to damage to your device. While root access is very much popular among the Android users, many feel it as an unsafe way and the phones are even considered as insecure.
Some Android apps don’t work with rooted phones like bank applications which we will definitely need. So, in such cases to all the users who have rooted Android devices with them and facing issues like this. They can actually hide root access from certain Android apps by following the simple steps below.

Hide Root Access From Apps

  • As a first step, you need to get Cydia Substrate  installed on your device
  • Then when you open the application and check in the Settings>About, Linux mode should be set to permissive and not enforce, if it is in enforcing, then get this  SELinuxModeChanger and change the mode to permissive
  • Now get RoatCloak Plus  app and restart your device once
  • Now open the RootCloak Plus app and it will show you the list of all the applications on your device
  • You can simply press the plus icon on the top and then add the apps that you wish to hide the root access from
You are all done with the setup and now those apps will work fine on your rooted device.

How To Save Screenshots To Dropbox Directly

Dropbox is one of the popular and easy to use file sharing and file saving tools that are available for free. Besides Google Drive and One Drive, this sharing and online data saving tool is also equally popular. It is widely used by people.
If you are using a Windows PC and take screenshots, and work with screenshots a lot, then this tip and simple trick that we are going to tell will be very helpful to you.
This actually is a setting that is available with the Dropbox application by default. You don’t have to install any other third-party tools or applications for this purpose.
Come out of the hassles of uploading the screenshots that you take on your PC if you ever wish to share them with your near and dear ones, you just set this thing up and you are all done.
For this purpose, you must be having the Dropbox app installed on your device. Having this application installed on your device is a must needed thing that you need to follow for sure.
If you have the application installed on your device already, then just open the application and click on the gear icon and then from the menu select Preferences. Click on Import option there. Then make sure the checkbox next to the option share screenshots using Dropbox is checked.
Or if you just installed it and would like to get this feature, then when you capture a screenshot. You will notice an on-screen prompt window asking you whether you wish to upload your future screenshots or not. Choose to save screenshots option. That is it,  you are done with the setup.
Enjoy this auto-upload feature and synchronize them across devices and even share them with your dear ones and family members when you have got something to share.

Different Ways To Check Gmail That You May Not Consider

It is no exaggeration when we say that Gmail is one of the most popular email services on the planet. Many people use Gmail which is the mailing service from Google as their primary mail id. While there are various different ways to check your Gmail, do you think you know them all and use them. We don’t think so, so we are here to present you some of those different ways to check Gmail. So, do check them out and make life more simple.

Different Ways To Check Gmail

So, if you are smartphone person and spends most of your internet time on the smartphone, then you will definitely be checking out your Gmail through the smartphone itself, while every Android device by default comes with a Gmail app, but there are also some other ways that you can check if you feel bored with this Gmail app.
Inbox by Gmail is one such a simple, yet stylish. This android app can be a great way to check your Gmail with minimal features and nice interface.
Microsoft OutlookBlue Mail are also other such Android apps using which you can check Gmail rather than using just the simple Gmail app in the old way.
If you are a person who will be on the computer from day to evening, then why just use just the Gmail website for checking your Gmail, try using the Thunderbird Online. It is the Chrome extension that allows you to check your Gmail without having to use the old Gmail login way. Get this extension added to your Chrome and let the fun begin.
In the same way, you can also make use of the different desktop email clients like eM ClientMailbird and stay connected with your inbox all the time and you don’t have to log in and log out with this kind of the email clients for the desktop.
Try using Gmail in different ways.

Things To Check When System Restore Is Not Working

System restore is considered as our immediate solution when we found or caught with an issue on our computer. This thing solves our issues on many occasions. But we may be facing issues running system restore at times, then here are some things that you can consider trying these following tips and bring back the system restore to life.

Things To Check When System Restore Isn’t Working

It happens many times that we are in a deep need to restore our PC or laptop, but that doesn’t seem to work sometimes. What you do in such situations, just stand still obliged? But, you don’t have to be in such a situation anymore as here we present you to some of the things that you can check in case this restore option in your PC doesn’t work.
  • You can try running system restore in safe mode. You can enter safe mode by pressing F8 while your Windows PC is booting up, then open advanced recovery tools where you can find the system recovery option. This may solve your problem at times
  • If the above step doesn’t work, try configuring the disk space usage. It is very much required to check the disk space on your PC and do clear and make out some free space if it is 300 MB or below
  • And as the next step, if the above two steps don’t work for you, you should ensure whether the system restore points are being created. This step is not solving your current problem but can prevent you the next time. You can check the current points by just searching for rstrui in the search bar and then selecting the corresponding entry, pressing next will show you the list of restore points created
Thus you can check up with these simple steps and get back the system recovery options work in your Windows PC.

Android Secret Codes That You Are Less Aware Of

Android has got many interesting, useful features which might be the reason that people get attracted towards it and the user-friendly options everything makes it worth using and simple to go. While many of us are aware of some of the Android secret codes, there are plenty other secret codes that none of us might be aware of.
So, we are here putting together some of the really useful hidden codes of Android that we actually need to know.

Android Secret Codes

Secret codes are in fact used for getting various kinds of information regarding the device and also for doing some tests on your device to check its functioning.
*#*#4636#*#* – This is the secret code that you can use if you are looking to get some information about your device. It will display the device informationon the screen.
*#*#7780#*#* – Aren’t you worried, confused about all the hassles that you need to go through when you wish to factory reset your device? Just use this hidden code to get the task done.
*#*#34971539#*#* – Use this Android secret code if you are looking for some information about your device camera.
*#*#1472365#*#* – Use this hidden code if you wish to conduct the GPS test code quickly.
*#*#0588#*#* – This secret code helps you in conducting the proximity sensor test on your device.
*#*#3264#*#* – This secret code gives you the information regarding the RAM version of your device.
*#06# – This secret code gives you in getting the IMEI number of your device. It might be required many times, so just remember this code or bookmark it somewhere and you can find the IMEI of your device instantly.
*#0782# – This secret helps you in conducting the real-time clock test.
*#*#0673#*#*/ *#*#0289#*#* – This hidden code will conduct the audio test on your device.
*#*#232338#*#* – Use this hidden code if you wish to get your WiFi Mac address.
O, we hope you will make use of these hidden android secret codes if you need any device information.

Filter Out The Fake Reviews In Amazon – For Better Online Shopping

In a country like India where people are slowly getting used to online shopping, product reviews play a major role. The users will be very much dependent on the reviews of the products.  But fake reviews are what ruining the user experience. So, let us now see how to filter fake reviews on Amazon.
We all might be aware of the fact that Amazon products also have some reviews that are fake but to get rid of those fake Amazon reviews as the genuine customer reviews help us decide whether to buy or not buy the particular product, we need to do a process of filtering the fake reviews. So, here is the process of filtering.

Filtering Fake Reviews

  • Review Index can actually help you a lot in making your online shoppingexperience a less tedious and a better one
  • This web tool is a multi-role fighter that can be very much helpful for the shopper online. It is especially a great tool for getting rid of the fake product reviews on Amazon
  • All you need to do is just head to this web tool and then copy and paste the URL of the product that you are wishing to purchase
  • Then it will work magic and filter out all the fake product reviews away and thus showing you all the genuine customer reviews which can be helpful for you to decide on the product
  • It even presents you the performance card by summarizing all the reviews together based on features and all which helps you in knowing about the product much better
But unfortunately, as of now, this web tool is offering services for the Amazon US products only. Hope this will be made available for other countries soon as known. So let us have to wait for this amazing tool to arrive in our country.

A Simple Trick For Converting Any Image Into PDF In Your PC

The process of converting images to PDF files could be a difficult thing and would include a lot of efforts as well if you don’t know about this trick, but don’t worry from now on you can be able to use this trick and that too you can get PDF files from images without the need of any third party applications or softwares.
You must make a note that this trick works in Windows 10 PCs. So, you must be having the Windows 10 operating system running on your computer or laptop to try this trick. Windows 10 operating system which hasn’t been popular among the users has got some of the features like this at makes it worth using.
• Just open the photo which you would like to convert using the default Windows 10 photos app, if you have changed the default photo viewer to another program, just right click on the picture and click on open with and then select Photos
• Once the picture opens in the photo viewer, click on the three dots icon on the right side of the screen and select the Print option
• Now it will open a dialogue box window, select Microsoft Print to PDF under the Printer selection box and click on the Print button at the bottom of the dialogue box
• This action will open another dialogue box where you need to enter a name for the file, and then select the location where the file needs to be saved and finally click on save
This is one such a really simple and amazing trick that you can make use of for turning or converting your images into PDFs. You can use this method for any type of pictures with the extensions JPG, PNG, TIFF.
Hope and wish you found this simple trick useful.

4 Really Interesting Websites That You May Find Useful

At some point of time, you may get bored of browsing all the regular stuff on the internet and may want to try something new and interesting, but finding the interesting sites is somewhat difficult. So I hereby introduce you some of the interesting websites that you can check out when you are free and use them when you want.

List Of Some Interesting Websites

Twin Strangers 

Twin Strangers is an interesting and useful website for those who are interested in knowing about the people who look alike. Its very simple to find your twin stranger, you can just simply go to the website twin strangers. Register yourself and give all the details about your looks, eye color, skin complexion and all. And you have to upload two of your picture, one with a smile and the other without a smile and you are done. You are now ready to trace your twin stranger soon.


Solving Rubik’s cube needs some practice and a lot of patience to learn as it has a lot of formulas to be remembered. But if you love to solve a Rubik’s cube, but don’t want to learn the formulas, then this site is like a boon for you. Ruwix is the site that came up with a great solution for all those who love solving Rubik’s cube but can’t. You simply go to this website and there you can find various sections where you can choose the Rubik’s solver section and there you have set the colors on that cube like colors on the one in your hand and there you go, it will guide to solve the cube.

Account Killer

Many online websites make the account creation process easier to increase the number of logins, but the user finds the account creation process quite annoying. But with the help of account killer, it will be now easy for you to delete any of your online accounts where it guides you through step by step procedures.


This website allows its users to read and even write short stories. If you are interested in writing stories but don’t know what to do, then this website gives you a wonderful opportunity to publish your stories. Or else, if you are just interested in reading, then this website has a lot of interesting short stories by various creative people.
There are many such interesting stuff online, these are just a few of them. First, try these and we will come with more interesting ones as well.
What else are you waiting for, just don’t miss to try these interesting websiteswhen you have got some free time.