Sunday, 9 February 2020

Know Who Tried To Access Your Device After You Shut It Down

If you have got some very important and personal information on your PC, then you must be careful about your device and do not easily let anyone access your device without your permission, but who knows who are spying on you. If it is your personal laptop, then it is fine and if it is your office computer, then it will be more prone to risks and you don’t even know if someone tried to access your device while you are away from your desk. But you need to be careful of all those things to stay secure and safe. Staying secure and safe is the first thing that you should be most concerned about if you have got important and personal details on your system.
So, to stay safe, the first thing you should know is the security of your device and you should know who else is accessing your device without you knowing it. Doing this is pretty easy and you can know if someone tried logging in the system. And your system needs to be running on Windows 7 for this.
  • First thing you should do is just press the keys Windows and R together
  • The run prompt window will be opened
  • Now type eventvwr.msc and then press enter
  • It will then open the Event Viewer window
  • Now in the Event Viewer window when you try expanding the windows logs, you will find an option Security
  • Then you should head to the login log on section there and set in the date and time
  • Setting up like this will help you in knowing if someone tried logging in the system when you are away from the system
Thus using this simple process you know whether anyone tried to access your device in your absence with these simple steps.

How To Change The Boot Animation In Android Devices

Android may be the most popular operating system but it still has got some flaws that may make the users feel bored of. The boot animation is the animation that is displayed on your device while you boot your device and have you ever thought of changing the animation as you might be quite bored of it with the same animation coming up on display all the time. Well, you might have left it away and got used to it thinking of it as a really huge task. But it is really not a big task to change the boot animation on your device and here we present you to the process of changing it. Go through it and get rid of your old and boring animation.

Changing Boot Animation In Android Devices

  • And for this process, you will need root explorer to be installed on your device and you can get this android app for free from the Google play store, so get it, download it and install it on your device
  • Then open the root explorer Android app and head to System>media and there you will find the file and you have to rename it and keep as backup
  • Then you can get any other boot animation that you like downloaded from any website
  • Now move the downloaded file to System>media folder and make sure you rename it with if that file has any other name
  • Now reboot your device and you will start to see the new boot animation from the immediate bootup
  • And you have always got the option to return back to your old and default animation by renaming the original file. Deleting this downloaded animation if you don’t like it anytime
  • So, we hope this simple process helped you in getting rid of the old and boring animation on your device.

You Can Now Recharge Your Prepaid Phone from Google Search

With the new feature from Google, it has now become easier to recharge prepaid mobiles here in India. You can recharge your prepaid SIM cards right from Google Search on your Android smartphone. The mobile operators that are in support of Google as of now include Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio, and BSNL.
There are plenty of ways to recharge your phone’s prepaid plan and some of them are USSD codes, official apps, and bank clients. But Google thinks it can do better, and it’s now bringing another way to top up your plan in India.
The company has announced the ability to browse for and purchase prepaid phone plans via Google Search on Android.
To use the feature, you need to just perform a Google search query. It can be something like “Prepaid mobile recharge” or “SIM recharge”. In doing so, you will see a “Mobile Recharge” section in the search results where you get the option to enter your mobile number, operator, and circle.
When you are done with filling in all the details in the fields, you need to tap on Browse Plans button to view the available plans. Similar to dedicated mobile recharge applications, you will be shown the popular, full talk time, 4G/3G/2G data, special recharge, roaming, top-up, and recommended plans in their respective sections.
You can further choose and browse the options accordingly and get the recharge done.

How To Quick Restart Google Chrome Without Losing Tabs

Google Chrome, the most popular browser among the internet users. And we should also agree with the truth that the Chrome browser is a major memory hog. We may find the system slow down sometimes. When we try to find a solution for that, we find the uninstalling of chrome add-ons as the most suggested solution. Doing a browser restart is also among the most recommended and useful solutions. Restarting a browser normally will be done by just closing the chrome and then double-clicking the application icon on the desktop. But this action will close all the browser tabs which we may find quite uncomfortable. Google has a special URL that helps the users to do a quick restart without having to lose the tabs.
For restarting chrome here is a quick URL that helps you do that and that is chrome://restart. Just copy and paste this URL into your browser’s search bar. Then press enter and it will just close all the browser tabs and will restart the browser again with all the tabs that are previously opened.
If you restart your browser a lot, then there is a need to make this web page as a bookmark and that will help you to quick restart the browser with just one simple click.

Here is how you can add quick restart to the bookmarks:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and hit CTRL + D keys which will open bookmark window.
  • Enter the name of the bookmark that you wish to keep, for example, Restart.
  • Then click on the edit button available in the bottom of the tab.
  • Now copy and paste chrome://restart this URL in the URL box and then click on save.
That is it you are done with the setup and you can now easily restart the browser without the fear of losing your tabs.