Saturday, 28 December 2019

Learn How To Turn Your Notch Into A Battery Indicator

Many of the new midrange and flagship mobile devices are arriving with display notches these days

Google Photos Is Coming Up With A Zoom In Feature For Videos Soon

Google Photos is probably the best way to store photos up in the cloud. However, it never lets users zoom in on videos

You Should Know These Features Of Google Drive For Android

Google Drive which every Android phone user gets by default and we neglect that app and go

Check This Gmail Attachment Manager That Saves A Lot Of Your Time

Gmail has been the most popular and widely used mailing application and that is for

Saturday, 21 December 2019

A Simple Bookmark Trick For Instantly Composing A New Mail In Gmail

Gmail, a popular mailing service from the search engine giant Google has a lot of amazing and interesting

Learn How To Know The Email Status Of A Mail That You Sent

It is the century of emails and messages and a lot of conversations are taking place over emails

How To Enable Native Ad Blocker In Chrome For Android

Chrome browser is undoubtedly one of the most popular browsers and also the most feature-filled browser

Secret Boost Tips To Make Your Computer Work Faster

A slow running computer can be somewhat irritating and can waste a lot of your time

Make Free Voice Calls From PC To Mobile With These Websites

With the arrival of Jio no one caring about calls and all, but what if you don’t have a Jio number

Friday, 20 December 2019

How To Remove Viruses From Your Computer Using Command Prompt

Viruses, malware, trojans, worms! These evil things can penetrate your computer through numerous ways like internet browsing

A Very Useful Medicine Reference Application

We, the middle-class people usually have a lot of medicines at home which we might have got prescribed by the doctor

How To Get Smart Replies In Notifications On Android

We often find tonnes of notifications in our phone’s notification panel but we don’t get time to reply to them

How To Recover Lost Notifications In Your Android Device

The notifications menu in the Android devices sometimes fill up so fast with all the different kinds of

How To Create Subtitles On Your Own For Any Video Easily

Subtitles come in handy at many times. We all must be having our own kind of experiences

Fixing The “App Not Installed” Error While Installing APK Files

The users who try installing apk files quite regularly will be familiar with this error, those who download apps

An Awesome Disk Space Analyzer For Low Memory Problem

The biggest problem the users of any device like tablets, laptops, PCs, and phones face these days is the low