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Some Of The Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows

April 05, 2020
Despite the different cares and concerns we take, our computers often get infected with various malware from the internet. These days the internet is facing a lot many malware issues and WannaCry is among the most recent one happened that you might be aware of if you. So, now here in this article, we are going to give you the list of some of the best malware removal tools.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

This is the software that probably comes to anyone’s mind when they first think of the malware protection. The popularity it has got is purely based on its functioning and its ability to protect the devices from malware and not because of the publicity they do. The software simply does all its malware picking activity and all you need to do is just clicking on the scan option.
Malwarebytes Anti-malware can be considered as the best tool if you wish to remove the malware from your computer or PC. The tool even helps you in protecting your PC from the malware.

Bitdefender Internet Security

This is another one of the most simple to try and really useful malware removal tools. The tool comes with a multi-layer ransomware protection layer that helps your PC to stay away from the malware and even helps you in keeping your files safe. The Bitdefender Internet Security even comes with a Bitdefender VPN using which you can surf the web without revealing your identity.

Avira Antivirus

This is another one in our list of some of the best malware removal tools. The free version of this application even gives you some really useful features. The tool provides you required protection for your PC from the ransomware and malware. You can stay free as it even helps you in protecting your PC from Trojans, spyware.
Avast, Kaspersky are also some of the other tools that can help you in keeping your files safe, secure and your PC protected from the malware and ransomware threats.

How To Customize Your Mouse Actions In Windows 10

April 05, 2020
Mouse or the trackpad whatever we use to navigate the cursor over the computer screen which is one of the very important actions, the main focus will be definitely on the cursor and its actions. Not many of us know the different ways of customizing the cursor actions, so we thought of present you some really simple and easy customizations that you can try.  So, learn how to customize your mouse actions down here.

Some Simple Mouse Settings

You can make use of the shortcut Windows + I to open the settingsmenu and then navigate to devices, then tap on the mouse. There you can find a few options for some of your basic mouse actions, you can choose your primary button, the mouse wheel actions, and few more which you can customize according to your wish.

Advanced Settings

In the earlier menu settings window, right at the bottom, you will find the advanced option which you can click to access further custom settings where you can change the speed of the cursor and the double click speed.
You have also got a CheckLock feature that allows you to do the drag and drop actions without actually holding the mouse button and you can just click the primary button by placing the cursor on the file or folder and then clicking for one time when you wish to release it. So, enable this CheckLock option in your mouse’s advanced options and get ready to enjoy this feature.

Customize Pointer And Pointer Options, Mouse Actions

The mouse options even allow the users to custom their mouse pointer and pointer options, if you feel bored of the same pointer symbol, you can get a new one and even customize it with many other symbols from the internet.
In the mouse properties window, click on pointers tab where you can find these options which you can customize.
In the same way, you will also find various another tab called wheel, where you can customize and set up vertical scrolling if you find a need for it.
So, do try these things out and use your mouse options to the fullest.

Facebook Now Lets You To Connect With Your Secret Crush

April 05, 2020
Facebook, the popular social networking website introduced has recently come up with a dating application that we all might be aware of. This dating app now helps the users explore potential romantic relationships. This is a new feature and it is named as a secret crush.
This feature lets the users select up to nine friends in their account whom they wish to express their interest in. Then if your crush opted into Facebook Dating, then they will receive a notification that says someone is interested in them or have a crush on them. If your crush adds you in their Secret Crush list, then it is a match.
This announcement is made by Facebook at the annual F8 conference held at San Francisco in California on Tuesday. At its annual developer conference on Tuesday, the company provided more details about its nascent dating feature Facebook Dating, which is built directly into the main mobile app. The most interesting development is that Facebook Dating has a “Secret Crush” feature. It lets users list nine of their Facebook friends on whom they are secretly crushing. If you’re both enrolled in Facebook Dating and you both list each other as a Secret Crush, you’ll get a notification. Otherwise, the crush will remain secret.
If your crush isn’t on the Facebook dating app, or if your crush doesn’t create a secret crush list or just add you in their list, then your secret crush will not even know that you added their name in the list.

An App That Allows You To Type While Walking Without Any Fear

April 05, 2020
People these days are very much busy on their smartphones, texting someone, messaging, commenting and liking the social media posts and all. If you think you also belong to the same community, then here is an excellent application that comes to your rescue. Textingwhile walking is normally considered as a dangerous thing as it will divert your concentration from the road or the path that you are going and drags you into the texting or messaging mood. There is a very useful android app that allows the users to type while walkingwithout any fear and danger as well. The app shows the road in front of you on your android screen.

An App To Type While Walking

Now no more goofing up on typing when you are walking! How? Using TypeWhileWalk you can now easily type messages, read and send images and messages while walking to your destination without messing up with traffic on road or street!
When you open the type while walk app on your device, the back camera of your phone will be on and it lets you have a look at the road in front of you. So, you can view everything on your way right on your screen and the text typing box can also be seen on your screen. You can type there and copy it and paste it wherever you want.  Then you can edit the font, color, and size of the text as well. You can also directly send messages from the app itself. With the help of the flash on your device, you can easily use this app in the night time as well.
Get this Android app from Here to have a safe texting while walking on the roads. Get this application downloaded and start texting on the go.

Hidden Gems From Google That May Surprise You

April 05, 2020
Search Engine giant Google has many interesting and amazing things with it that many actually don’t know. I have informed you about some of those hidden things in Google that we could try in my earlier article where you can find some interesting things for time pass and now, here in this piece of article, I am here to tell you about some more interesting hidden things that Google have within. Check out Google’s hidden gems.

Google Sky:

This is normally the extended version of Google Maps where people can have a look of the outer space. This is the perfect tool for those who love exploring the outer space. And those who love stargazing will actually have to visit this to know about the outer space and have a look at the universe.
You can view outer space using infrared, microwave and historical views that are available on the website. It even allows you to view solar systems, constellations, backyard astronomy and many others. You can even search for a particular star, planet, galaxy, constellation by typing it in the search bar available there.
hidden gems

Google Arts and Culture:

This is one among the most incredible online sources for the historical information online that is currently available. This is a huge platform where Google with mutual collaboration with museums, libraries across the world. Google Arts and Culture offers many features which also include exhibit where many museums allow users to explore the museums nothing but using just computers.
This is a wonderful way for all those people who love to explore and art and culture of the various countries, that they can actually do this right from their computer.
hidden gems

Google Jigsaw:

The main theme of Google Jigsaw is to keep people aware of the current cyber security issues and threats that are prone to in the current online world. This is one of the hidden gems that you must give a check.
hidden gems 3

Build with Chrome:

This tool helps to foster your creativity. If you love LEGO, then this will surely entertain you. With virtual LEGO pieces, users can actually build buildings, structures, characters, vehicles and all. You can even share your created master-pieces after you finish them with your friends.
hidden gems 3

Google Street View Trek:

Many people depend on Google Street View and make it a part of their trips and Google Street View Trek will take you a step further information, sights, views, sound, guided tours of selected locations.
hidden gems 4

Google Smarty Pins:

Aren’t you bored of playing all those regular boring games all the time? Then, why don’t you try playing Google Smart Pins where you can get fun-filled with some education. It is geography trivia challenge that Google Maps is used in the background. The game will be that it asks you to identify various locations and at first you are credited with 1500 Kms and each time you point the wrong location, the difference between the right location and wrong location will be subtracted from your Kms and if your account goes zero, the game will be over. There are different categories in trivia that you can choose from History and Current Events, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, science and Geography, Sports and Games. It’s a fun that you should try.
hidden gems 5
Don’t miss trying these hidden gems in the Google Playstore.

You Just Can’t Ignore These Google Playstore Tips And Tricks

April 05, 2020
Many of you have known the Google playstore as a simple marketplace with tons of useful and interesting android apps for the users. You will be surprised if we say that it has a few interesting lesser known features that we are going to reveal to you which will help you to make the best use of it. So, here we present you some useful Google playstore tips, tricks

Google Playstore Tips

  • Did you know that you can get refunds for the apps that are purchased from the Google Playstore if you think they are not worth buying? You will have 2 hours to request a refund an app from your mobile and 48 hours to refund from the web
  • Sometimes we like an app and would like to try the other apps by the same developer or would get to know about a developer recently and would like to try their apps in the store, in such cases we can actually search using the developer’s name. Simply type pub:[developer’s name] in the search bar
  • Many of us may be relying on the reviews to try something and the same thing happens with the apps in the playstore and if you rely on app reviews before actually trying them, then you should set to view only relevant app reviews, you can do this by filtering the reviews according to your choice right at the reviews in the playstore
  • Playstore has a track of all the devices you ever installed, so if you ever happen to switch to a new device, then you can actually download all the owned apps in bulk at a time. After signing in with your Gmail account, just head to the playstore, then click on My apps and gamers and then library where you can find the full list of your apps, scroll through them and install the ones you want
So, do try these very useful Google playstore tips and tricks and get the most out of it.

Learn How To Recover An Unsaved MS Word Document

April 05, 2020
We all might be very much familiar with MS Word, the most popular word processing software. It has almost replaced the need for doing paperwork as everyone is finding it as a better solution and also as an affordable solution as well. But saving the file is the most important thing that needs to be remembered while working on the word document. Forgetting to save a file will result in the loss of the whole data in the file in case of any sudden shutdown of the PC due to power failure or any other damage. But there is actually a way for recovering an unsaved file that many people might not be aware of. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

Steps To Recover An Unsaved Word Document

Note: These steps work for MS Word 2007 and below versions
  • If you happen to close the application manually by yourself accidentally, then don’t worry, Word will get back it to you as it saves the document every 10 minutes
  • All you have to do is just relaunch the application, it will search for any such unsaved files and will present you on the left side pane of the window
  • Just click on the document listed there to recover it
Remember, once the pane is gone, you can’t get the document again
If it is not the case of manual closing and the computer shut down issue, then this is the way to get it back
  • MS Word saves the file in the temporary storage of the computer memory
  • So, navigate to C:\Documents\Users\[Username]\Application Data\Local\Temp
  • You can find so many temporary files there, but you can trace the word files as they will be like wrdxxxx.tmp
  • Just open them using Notepad and search your lost ones
  • Copy and paste the text only as there will also be so many codings in between
Recovering a word document is thus an easy process, just give it a try.

How To Hide Certain Images In Android Without Any Android App

April 05, 2020
The population of Android users has been increasing day by day from time to time and everyone must agree with this thing. Now in this post, we are going to learn the process to hide certain images in Android as we may find the feature useful and needy at times. Check it out here.

How To Hide Certain Images In Android 

Every android device comes with a built-in file explorer and if doesn’t have an inbuilt one, we will definitely look up and Es File Explorer is one such a really popular Android file explorer.
You need this file explorer for this process of hiding images on your device.
Now if you had it, just open the file explorer and browse through the DCIM folder in it.
Then inside of it, you will notice a certain type of folders like Facebook, Camera etc. Now if you wish to hide images from your camera, then you need to long press on the camera folder in the file explorer and then rename the folder name by adding a “.” in front of the folder name and then save it.
The same way if you wish to hide the images from any certain another folder like WhatsApp or Facebook, then all you need to do is just browse through the folders inside the Es File Explorer and then just rename the folder name by adding a simple “.” symbol in the starting of the folder name and then save it.
That is it these are the few simple steps that you need to do and you are done. It will help you to hide certain images in your device and make them disappear in the gallery of your device. You can thus hide WhatsApp images, Facebook Images, or any other folder you wish.
Stay Secure!!!

How To Encrypt And Decrypt Files On Android In Simple Steps

April 05, 2020
We all know the fact that all our personal data is openly saved in our file explorer. But what else can we do? Many of us find it comfortable and convenient. But what about security and privacy? For all those people who feel concerned about their data, here are some of the simple steps that the users can follow to encrypt and decrypt files. Follow the steps below.

Here Is How You Can Encrypt And Decrypt Files

  • As a first step, you first need to get the application Andrognito 2downloaded and installed on your device
  • Then when you launch the application, it will ask you for a few details where you need to enter your name, pin, then click on the arrow
  • Then in the next screen confirm the pin to proceed
  • Next screen shows you the boxes regarding the security question, just fill them up
  • Next page will be about creating a vault for quick access
  • After creating the vault, you will then be taken to the home screen of the app
  • Here you can browse the files that you have on your Android device and add them here in the newly created vault
  • Just select all the files you wish to add to the vault and after adding them all, just tap on the icon on the top right of the screen to encrypt the files
You are now done with the encryption on files, here is how you can decrypt files.
  • Open the application Andrognito 2, now you need to enter the four-digit pin that you have set up
  • Then it will display all the encrypted files that you have encrypted earlier, just select the required files and then tap on the icon on the top right of the screen
That is it. These are the simple steps to encrypt and decrypt files on your Android devices.

How To Send An Email In The Form Of A QR Code

April 05, 2020
QR Code is an easy way of transferring data or information from one screen to the other. They offer easy transformation of various information like a newspaper ad, computer display screen, display window in a retail store. You can use these codes to send mail id, website address which offers the convenience of leading to that page without having to enter a single character.
This technique can also be implemented and used while sending emailsYou can easily write and send a message inside a QR Code.  

Send Text In The Form Of QR Code

This is a great option for those who feel it is boring to mail in the regular old style. When the person on the other side scans that code, the message that you have sent will open in the email program that he or she is using on their device ready to send a reply. They don’t have to hit the reply button, the reply button. And you can compose the QR that contains your text pretty easily and includes just a few steps.
  • First go to the website <a href=>QR Stuff</a>
  • Then choose the Email message option from the various options available on the left side of the screen.
  • Then it will show a form where you have to fill in the information in those boxes.
  • Just fill the mail address, subject and body boxes.
  • And finally, you just have to download the code for sending it to anyone. It can be done by simply clicking on the download QR Code option there.
  • That is it, you can share it now.
Just to give you a look at how it works, I have created a code here, just try scanning this code on your device.
qr code
When you scan the code, it will show you two options copy and mail, click on the mail option and it will ask you which email program you want to use for opening that one, click on the one and it will open the mail ready to reply.

How to set reminder in Google Now using Chrome browser

April 05, 2020
Sometimes our phone might be just out of reach and we have just remembered something that we need to set up a reminder on our phone. Then the lazy ones don’t have the mood to get up and reach their phone, don’t worry here is a solution for you. If your phone is away from you and you are working on your laptop or PC and just got to set reminder on your phone. All you need to do is your laptop/PC and an active internet connection.

Steps to set reminder

First of all, open the Chrome browser and then open the Google search. One thing that you should remember here is that you should be logged in through the same Gmail account that you used for your android phone. To set reminder, just type on Google search something like “remind me for my meeting” and it will present you the reminder settings which you can custom set the date and time and then click on remind me on Google Now.
Set reminder
That is it you are done with setting up the reminder and you will be reminded on your phone on whichever device and whatever device that you use the same Google account in.
Set reminder using these simple steps on the Chrome browser and you will be remembered of the task.  But your device should be synchronized before once. That is after setting up the reminder, your device in which you need to be reminded of the task needs to be connected to the internet.  
Use Google Now and set reminder and you will get a reminder on your various other devices where your same Google account is logged in.
Make use of this reminder feature and let Google remind you of the important tasks on time and let the work be done on time without any delay.

How To Remove Write Protection From An SD Card

April 05, 2020
The write errors that we find on SD cards are literally a lot of pain and will disturb and distract us from all the things that we are doing and grab our entire attention. We may be picking the good company SD cards and purchase the perfect one. But these issues can be found on any company cards and as many cards have write protection, we cannot be able to format them to get them back.

Steps To Remove Write Protection In SD Card

We thought to bring a proper and easy solution for this he4ad burning problem and here are the steps that you need to go through
  • Some cards come with a toggle switch that has the ability to remove the write protection. So check whether your card has one such a toggle or not and if it has your solution is pretty simple, just toggle it and then try inserting it and you will be able to format it
  • And the second thing that you should check if your card doesn’t have a toggle switch is by checking the device’s properties. You just head to the Devices and Drivers window on your PC by just searching for devices and drivers on your PC and then right click on your particular card and click on properties where you will find toggle option, if you can’t find the toggle option even here, then head to the next process
  • The other troubleshooting step that you can try to get out of this issue is using the command prompt Open command prompt in administrator mode, then type ‘diskpart’ and hit enter, then type ‘list disk’ and you will find the list of disks connected to your device, then note the number of your card by figuring out your card by its size. And then type the command ‘select disk [disk number]’ and hit enter, then type ‘attributes disk clear readonly’ and hit enter to remove clear the write protection
Hope these simple yet useful troubleshooting tips help you to get back your SD card. Remember you can always get back your lost data from such cards through various backup managers and EaseUS Data Recovery tool is one of the very useful ones.

A Very Useful Medicine Reference Application

April 05, 2020
We, the middle-class people usually have a lot of medicines at home which we might have got prescribed by the doctor the last time we fell ill, but we don’t throw them away as soon as we recover from that illness as we love to save everything and literally anything. But we don’t remember for which purpose they should be used and we don’t even find anyone to help us with that. But don’t worry, you don’t have to throw them away, as you have a great medicine reference application for your help that will tell you the uses of various medicines.
If you have medicines at your home which you don’t know when to use or for which purpose to use, then don’t worry an Android app called Drugs Dictionary Offline helps you to that task and it is very much easy to use as well. This dictionary app has a list of all the drugs in alphabetical order which the user can search and select. The application can give users all the basic information about the medicine that they would need and help them to know about it. It even have pictures of the drugs which will be helpful for the users.
The application Drugs Dictionary Offline is a medical reference app that is available to download for free in the Google play store.
So, whenever you find a medicine in your home, just check the medicine with this dictionary app and make sure and note about its usage and then make use of it when you are in need of it.
But always remember consulting doctor should always be considered as your priority and you can’t just depend on the medicines you have at home without actually trying to know the problem that you might be suffering with. So, use this Android app only to get information and not as an alternative to doctors.

How To Create An Invisible Folder To Store Your Confidential Files

April 05, 2020
Many of the computer users may have known the process of creating and storing important data in hidden secret files in windows run computer. But today I am going to take you through the process of creating an invisible folder so that it can help you to store your confidential files in it and make them private and save them from the threat of others.

Here are the steps for creating an invisible folder

  • Create a new folder, this can be done usually by right-clicking and then by clicking on the option “New Folder” from the pop-up menu.
  • Now after the folder is created, just select it and press F2 button. This option just allows you to edit the name of the folder. You can also do this by right-clicking the selected folder and then clicking on the “Rename” option available in the pop-up menu.
  • Delete the text in it and now comes the trickiest part. You just press and hold both the ALT, Fn keys and then type 255 using the Numpad in your keyboard, now release the ALT, Fn keys. Finally press Enter.
  • Now you have a nameless folder. To make it invisible go to its properties by right-clicking on the file after it is selected. Then click on Customize tab and then on the “Change Icon” option. There you can find number icons and you also get to see some blank spaces in between. Those are the invisible icons. Select the blank space and apply it by clicking on Apply and then on Ok.
  • That is it the process of creating your invisible folder is done.
  • And you can store all your confidential filessecret files there and save them from the eyes of others.
If you want to make the folder visible gain, then just go the properties and change the icon. I hope you follow these simple steps and get to know the process of creating an invisible file for storing your confidential files.

How To Remove Viruses From Your Computer Using Command Prompt

April 05, 2020
Viruses, malware, trojans, worms! These evil things can penetrate your computer through numerous ways like internet browsing, from USB devices, phishing links in your email and also by installing infected software.
Most of these viruses make your computer slow and eat up valuable memory as well as storage space. Some more powerful viruses are meant to contaminate our operating system too and steal personal information and banking data.
The conventional method to identify and remove such unwanted programs from your computer is to install anti-virus software and scan your computer for any viruses/trojans/worms that exist and quarantine them.
CMD has access to reconstruct all Windows system files by using various attributes like removing the hidden attributes which a virus normally uses.
One of the leading causes of virus infections in computers and the CMD method work on USB to remove its viruses and secure your computer.

Steps To Remove Virus Using Command Prompt

  • Type cmd in the search bar, right-click “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as an administrator”.
  • Type F: and press “Enter”. (Replace “F” with the drive letter of the infected partition or device.)
  • Type attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.* and hit “Enter”.
  • Type dir and hit “Enter”. Now you will see all the files under the assigned drive. (The dir command displays a list of a directory’s files and subdirectories.)
  • For your information, a virus name may contain words like “autorun” and with “.inf” as the extension. Thus, if you find such suspicious files, type del autorun.inf to remove the virus.
Here are the basic attributes of the ‘attrib’ command:
R – represents the “Read-only” attribute of a file or folder. Read-only means the file cannot be written on or executed.
H – the “Hidden” attribute.
A – stands for “Archiving” which prepares a file for archiving.
S – the “System” attribute changes the selected files or folders from user files into system files.
I – “not content indexed file” attribute.
Removing a virus using CMD is a roundabout solution. Yet it works in some cases. If the attrib command fails, try the three more tips provided to get rid of the malicious file.

Friday, 27 March 2020

How To Schedule The Recycle Bin To Automatically Empty Its Contents

March 27, 2020
Very few people know that deleting the files from the computer will not save the disk space as they will be sent to the Recycle bin. Emptying the items from the bin will add back the preoccupied space on your PC. Deleting the files directly without making them go into the trash bin is actually another way to skip the process of emptying the bin. But doing that is not advised sometimes as we may need that file and we may change our mind to get it back. And if you are also one among the many people who use recycle bin a lot and forget to empty it at times resulting in a filled disk space, then you should need to schedule to automatically delete the contents of your bin.

Empty the Recycle Bin Using Schedule

  • First of all, you need to open the Task Scheduler. You can do this by pressing Windows + X key, select the Control Panel from the pop-up menu, now go to System and Security, and then to Administrative Tools, finally click Task Scheduler to open the window
  • Now right click on the Task Scheduler Library on the left side pane of the window and click on the New Folder option from the drop-down menu
  • Name the folder as My Tasks
  • Now right click the newly created folder and just select the Create Task option
  • A window will be opened now, go to General Tab and now name this task, in our case, it is Auto-Empty Recycle bin. 
  • Then go to the Triggers tab, click on the New option to create an action
  • Here in the window, you can set the schedule as you like, you set the task to trigger weekly, monthly or on a particular date and time
  • Now go to Actions tab and click on New
  • Under the Programs/script box enter cmd.exe and click on Ok
That is it, you are all done with setting up.

The Programs That Slow Down Your Windows 10 Boot Process

March 27, 2020
If you have been facing some issue with the boot process of your Windows 10 device and thinking of finding a solution for it. Then don’t think much and don’t go so far. It is, in fact, some kind of programs that make the process of booting up your PC slow.  So, here we present you with some of the applications that are major kind of slow downers to help you out. You can consider these and stop using them to better your boot up.

Programs That Are The Culprits Of Slow Boot Process:

Gaming Clients

If you are using gaming clients like Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy in your Windows 10 PC, then you must know that these are one of the programs that are slowing down the process of booting in your PC. They actually run and start during the windows startup as it will help you to update the games in the background without actually waiting. Unless you are a hardcore gamer and would like to play games all the time, you don’t need to allow these programs. Disable them and see better and improved booting.

Adobe Programs

It is another bloated and unwanted program that asks the permission to run from the startup. So, consider using its alternatives or at least stop the Adobe programsfrom running in the startup.

Cloud Storage

Other most commonly considered culprits of this slowed down Windows 10 PC include the cloud storage applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. They automatically synchronize the files during the startup and that is the reason they ask permission to run during the startup. But it is advised to do the sync thing whenever you need and disable these from running in the startup. This will also improve the boot process.

Chat Applications

Yes, you may not have an idea how destructive the chat applications are for the boot process of your device. Especially Skype is one of the big culprits, so it is better to disable the program from the startup.
Do try these simple things and you will definitely find an improved boot.

How To Transfer Contacts Between Android Devices Without Gmail Sync

March 27, 2020
With the evolution of Android smartphones, we have been so much addicted to the mobile devices that we keep on looking to new devices with new features and keep changing them for at least every two years. If you are one such an Android device fanatic, then you must be regularly be changing your smartphone. Changing your device needs quite a lot of work after as you need to transfer all your data from the previous device to the new one. The contacts especially are the main one and you need to transfer contacts as well.
If we save the contacts in SIM or memory card, then it will be easy for you for doing the copy process. But if you have contacts saved on your device and don’t have Gmail sync, then don’t be worried about how to transfer contacts, here are the simple steps, go ahead and follow.

Transfer Contacts Between Android Devices:

You need to get the application downloaded on your device. The app is called MC Backup. Get it from here.
After downloading and installing the application on your device, just launch it and hit the backup option, and the app will start the backup process where all your contacts will be backed up.
After the backup is done, you will find a backup contact file in your file manager.     
You can transfer it to your memory card and you can either insert this memory card on your new device or just send it via Bluetooth or other means to the new device in which you would like to have the contacts.
All you have to do in the new device is just simply tap on the contact file and it will start copying the contacts to your device.
MC Backup is such a simple application where all your contacts can be transferred without Gmail Sync.

How To Send Any Link From Your PC To Mobile Phone Using Chrome

March 27, 2020
Browsing the internet will be a regular task for many of us, we can say. But this task is mostly done in computers rather than on mobile phones. What if we found an interesting piece of an article or something interesting while we browsing in our PC? We will find ways to share it on our mobile phone. Right!! How do you send any link from your PC to your mobile phone?
What I personally do is sometimes I share it using FB messenger. I share to myself. Sometimes I share in Telegram. Sometimes I save the link in Google Keep notes and then open the link on a mobile phone.
Don’t you think it is something that takes and needs some effort? Yes. Right! There is actually a better and simple way to make the process easier. Do check it out.

Steps To Send Any Link From PC To Mobile

  • To begin with the process, you need to open the Google Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags in the address bar and then press enter.
  • Type “Send tab to self” in the search bar of Chrome flags and select Enabled from the drop-down menu or paste the following in the address bar of Chrome. Or just click on this link chrome://flags/#enable-send-tab-to-self
  • Now you are done with the setup, just simply relaunch the browser and you will find a “Send to *device name*” option whenever you right-click a tab or link. If you have logged in your Google Account on multiple devices, choose the device you like to send the link.
So, these are the simple steps that are involved in the process of sharing a link in your PC directly to your mobile phone. We hope you find this process helpful and try to make use of it every day.

Monitor Your Window’s 10 Device’s Battery Health With Battery Report

March 27, 2020
Your laptop battery can easily lose capacity over time, so it’s important that you frequently check its health. Checking the battery health is relatively simple, and you can do that right from Windows 10. So, here we present you the process of generating the battery report for your laptop without the help of any third-party applications.

Steps For Generating A Battery Report in Windows 10

  • You can easily generate a battery report by running the powercfg /batteryreport command. Press Windows key + X, click Command Prompt (Admin), type powercfg /batteryreport at the command prompt then hit the Enter key. The report will be saved under C:\Windows\System32 as battery-report.
The report provides details about your battery including the name, manufacturer, serial number, chemistry, and cycle count. You can also view a usage report over a period of time. A battery report is a useful tool for investigating poor battery performance. If your battery is defective, your battery report will help you prove it when processing a warranty claim. There are also other causes for poor battery performance that are worth investigating.
The report will give you more information about the batteries in your system, as well as how they’ve been used over time. Perhaps of most usefulness to most people is the battery life estimates–how long you can expect your battery to last based on actual usage–and how it’s changed since you first installed the OS. It’s more accurate and precise than relying on the battery icon in your taskbar. Other report sections such as Usage history and battery capacity can help you check your laptop battery’s health. To get many more details about your battery than you from the battery icon in the taskbar, remember this hidden trick.
Battery Details In Settings
With Windows 10, Microsoft lets you check out more battery details than you’d normally get in the previous iterations of Windows. To check battery details, you can head to Windows Settings->System->Battery. Here, you will see the current battery percentage along with the estimated time remaining. You also get the options to choose when you want the Battery Saver to be turned on or you can even turn it on for now.
Thus, you can keep an eye on your device’s battery.

How To Legally Download Paid Apps And Games For Free

March 27, 2020
If you ask Android device users why they love their devices and the OS, one obvious answer you will get is the truckloads of apps! Google Play and other third-party app stores are replete with millions of apps covering niches like entertainment, finance, telephony, office productivity and much more.
While the Play Store has plenty of free apps there are some stellar apps that may cost a significant amount. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get those paid Android apps for free? It sounds rather incredible, but there are means to get some of your favorite apps for free. What’s even better about it is you don’t have to resort to nefarious means to get them.

Amazon App Store

While a majority of Android users stick to Google Play for whatever apps they want, Amazon is trying its best to woo users. Now, you can get one paid app for free every day. To get an automated notification on this app, use a notification app such as Amazon App store.


9Apps is the world’s largest third-party Android app store and mobile applications distribution platform, with current daily app downloads of up to 26 million. Here you can find mostly all the apps for free. It is one of the best alternates of Google play store.


This is another platform which is made for Android users which supply various apps. The app is not much properly coded that’s why users might find it lit a bit difficult to use. However, it never fails to provide free apps. GetApk makes it easy to find newly added apps.


1Mobile is a quality platform made for global Android users supplying various apps and safe downloads. The aim of the website is to give every Android user free, fast and reliable downloading.
So, check these things out and stop buying and start downloading.

Remotely Troubleshoot A Friend’s Windows PC Without Any Software

March 27, 2020
If you ever found out that your friend or your near and dear family members are deeply in need of some technical advice, you make many attempts to help them in resolving their problem and for giving them that technical assistance you must have tried a lot of options like using a third party software, assisting them over the phone call, assisting them over a video call. But have you ever thought there is a very simple and easy way using which you can technically assist your dear family or friends in the process to troubleshoot their device and that too without having to install any kind of software and tools? Yes, you read it right. Check out the process below

Steps To Troubleshoot Windows 10 PC Without Any Software

  • Quick Assist is an application available as an inbuilt feature in Windows 10This app helps in creating a virtual or network connection between the two devices and both the devices must be running on Windows 10 only
  • You can the Quick Assist app under Windows Accessories in the Start menu. When you find it, just launch it
  • Now in the pop up that appears, just check the option ‘give assistance’and then you will get a unique code displayed on your screen which will expire in a few minutes
  • You need to note that code and send it to your friend or family member on the other side
  • When the person on the other side provide this unique code in his/her app, then the connection between the two devices will be created
This will allow the user on one side to remotely operate the computer of the person on the other side. Thus you can Troubleshoot in Windows 10 using these really simple to follow steps.
Enjoy the fee you will be getting in assisting someone you care for even when you are away from them.

Check Some Best Websites On The Internet For Fact Checking

March 27, 2020
Fact Checking!!! Is it really needed – you may think.
The internet has changed many of our lives wholly and completely and it has also made distances very small. That nowadays we are able to make calls and get in touch with all our loved and dear ones no matter how far they are from us. And when we discuss the main purpose of the internet which is spreading knowledge and providing information, then we should think a bit.
The freedom is given to the users of the internet that anyone and everyone can post, add or edit the information. And also the rise of the social media also had raised many important issues, but at the same time, it has also done some serious damage. People have lost their common sense and share everything without even knowing about the correctness of the content.
This is making way for spam and fake messages which can be put to an end if you go through some fact checking. So, here are a few websites that we are listing here that you can use for fact checking before you believe and spread that thing.

Websites For Fact Checking


This is an incredible website that gives the users with the detailed and reasonable information about the spam and fake news, posts. It debunks the viral rumors on the internet, fake and false news, etc. This website was started in 2003 as a part of the Yahoo Group and came into existence the later year. Hoax-Slayer aims to make the internet a better and a safe place by combating spam and educating the internet users.


This is one of the oldest websites that debunks the hoaxes. It always lists the sources that can help in validating or debunking a particular post. It will list some link at the end of each and every article, which you can use to know the accuracy of that particular post or news. Snopes can thus be a great option for you to fact check before you spread it to someone else.

Fact Checking: 

This is another most reputed fact checking website. And this website very much geared towards US politics and those who would like to know or fact check regarding a certain news regarding the US politics can use this website. And the section Viral Spiral can be used for Fact checking the various viral rumors on the internet.

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